Trustgallery is how some of my small drawings and paintings find their homes.

I'm Angela Cazel Jahn, a Phoenix-based artist who works in various mediums (you can see them here.)
Trustgallery is a simple way for me to send work out into the world where it can be found and enjoyed by people like yourself.

Trustgallery exhibits just a couple of pieces at a time.  You might find them in carefully selected locations, at unexpected moments.  Some pieces will be found, some will be taken, some will be paid for, some will be damaged or lost, some will be kept and treasured.  That's how it goes. 

If you have found a drawing or painting that you would like to keep, you are free to simply take it from the place you found it.  Please send an email or a quick photo of the piece to trustgallery(at)gmail(dot)com, so the piece can be archived as 'found.'  

If you really like the piece and intend to keep it, you might consider purchasing it (and viewing additional work) at the trustgallery shop on Etsy.  Part of the trustgallery experiment is finding out how well this voluntary system works.